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ADZ Traffic TEAM

We are a group of entrepreneurs who have been working together online for over 20 plus years and with a combined 40 years of experience. We have a team of designers, marketers, programmers, financial experts, social media gurus, team building networkers and more. We have successfully built networking teams in the hundreds of thousands several times. Our team has been online since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. We were there before there were web pages and all of the flash and bells and whistles that exists today. For over 2 decades, we have invested tireless hours and money towards developing and implementing state of the art online technology to stay ahead of all the changes that have occurred since the Internet was conceived. Our main thrusts are global, mobile, and social; we have been on the cutting edge of these three movements.

Our record of accomplishment includes:

- Development of the first dating, travel, texting, and mobile phone web sites
- The first radio program on Yahoo and one of first live streaming radio programs
- 7 years of programming, web design, systems, advertising and marketing.
- Numerous consultations for small businesses for ecommerce - The development of tens of thousands of team representatives
- On going focus for latest Crypto Currency & Blockchain Tokens - Smart Contracts

Today, our main focus is helping you with the challenges of the ever evolving Crypto Currency & BlockChain world. We have been working in the Crypto Currency Space from the beginning of the Bitcoin. We have been educating people, mining, trading, buying and selling Crypto Currency for the past decade. We have now decided to take the mystery and complexity out of the Crypto world and bring it to everyone who would like to navigate the waters. We are determined to make a complex world and keep it simple for everyone to learn and become successful.