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ADZ Traffic FAQ's

Q. What is AdzTraffic?

AdzTraffic is a unique approach to bringing people together in the Crypto World with helping to take the complexity out of the Crypto Currency with education, webinars, seminars and more. 

Q. Why would I want to be a Member?

Our team is committed to giving our members a way to earn while sharing, and by  helping  others to learn about the Crypto World. You are building the membership assisting others by simply helping them to become successful

Q. What does it cost for me as a Customer to be A Member?

You can become a AdzTraffic member too! Sign and upgrade to our AdzTraffic Plan for Only $25 and get paid 1 thru 10 Levels in the 2x10 AdzTraffic Hero Matrix plan. $25 out of pocket expense which keeps on going.

Q. How do I Join?

Each Member signs up as a free on the register button on the site. Each Member that signs up goes directly underneath the last member who signed up in their downline. There is a further explanation of the compensation plan on the home page link: Pay Plan.

Q.  Am I required to sponsor (or refer) other members in order to earn commissions and bonuses?

No, there is no requirement to sponsor in order to earn matrix commissions. Even without sponsoring anyone, you can earn commissions on all levels of the pay structure, up to $10,000 plus per month with a completed 2x10 matrix.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Commissions are posted on your account based on real time and issued daily, therefore we do not issue any refunds. No questions asked.

Q.  What happens if I fail to pay for my subscription in any given month?

If you fail to pay to renew your subscription during the 30 days period, you will miss out on all the commissions you could have earned in that period. You will, however, have an additional 15 days to renew your subscription with a payment after which time your account could be deleted at any time.

Q.  Will I need to fill my basic 2x10 matrix all by myself?

No, you will not! Remember there will be other people above and below you who will be working just as hard as you, and a lot of action generated by them could end up helping you. You need to focus on only 2 things:
First, doing your part to add to the network-sponsor others and second, help your personally-sponsored members do their part. Do not wait for "Spillover". Just do your part and the success you have always wanted will only be a matter of time!

Q.  What happens if I sponsor someone after my basic 2x10 matrix has been filled?

It does not matter where your personally-sponsored members happen to fall - whether they fall on the 20th level or 100th level below you - you will still earn a 50% matching bonus on whatever they earn in their own 2x10 matrix.
Remember everyone who joins starts their own 2x10 matrix. In essence you have a network of overlapping 2x10 matrices. That is what gives you an unlimited earning potential!

Q.  How does 'THE ADZTRAFFIC' help solve the drop-out problem in Network Marketing?

Statistically the rate of attrition in Network Marketing is very high. Approximately 3-5 out of 10 quit in the first 6 months from the time they join. Why? One reason may be that many people are impatient.
Someone sold Network Marketing to them as a quick fix which resulted in some very unrealistic expectations. Plus most of the time many plans require distributors to build large downlines to make any significant income.

Q.  Our answer? THE ADZTRAFFIC!

Here's why: the initial cost is very low and also do the same with your monthly renewal. So, there there is no need for you to pay out of pocket or worry about a monthly subscription coming out of your bank or credit card. This means that achieving a significant income that gets people to stay, is realistically within reach of everyone.
THE ADZTRAFFIC is intended to make payday come sooner rather than later. Without having to do anything difficult or extraordinary, many people can achieve a real income in 1-3 months - and they will stay to earn even more and reach their income goals.

Q.  Do you permit multiple affiliate entries?

No. We do NOT allow more than one account per person. Any duplicate entries will be deleted without notice even if they have commissions due.

Q.  Is AdzTraffic a legal business?

Yes, AdzTraffic is a legal business. AdzTraffic is in the business bringing people together in the Crypto World with helping take the complexity out of the Crypto Currency with education, webinars, seminars and more. 

Q.  How do I update the information on my profile?

It is simple: just make the changes you want to make, enter your password and click on 'Update' If you do not enter your current password, the update will not be successful.

Q.  Once I become a member will I have a website just like this one?

Yes, your website will be created instantly after you successfully complete the enrollment process online BTC or other payments or as soon as you are registered and have your back office.
Your URL will be e-mailed to you and you should also be able to find it in your AdzTraffic's Members Area on the Promotional Center link. You can start sending your friends and prospects to your website immediately. You will also have your own personalized splash marketing page and banners in the Promotional Center.

Disclaimer: AdzTraffic's program is a referral Level compensation plan, as such individual results may vary, not everyone that joins a level program makes money and AdzTraffic everyone to base their decision on their ability to work the marketing program offered by AdzTraffic. There is no guarantee of income potential and this is a referral level program and the Production Packages are NOT investment or an investment purchase of any kind. We do not give any investment advice pertaining to any customer or referral of this membership. AdzTraffic reserves the right to change the compensation plan based on corporate decisions that stay in compliance with the existing legal counsel that protects the company and the customer/referral representatives.